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What is PRACQ?

  • A freeware for Windows & Mac
  • A standalone MIDI application that works as a melodic step sequencer
  • Controlled by Novation Launchpad controller or something like that
  • Designed for non-player's sketch, not for live performance



32 Steps × 4 Tracks


28-key keyboard

  • Controller Screen for touch or click
  • Flexible loop play
  • Scale Builder for keyboard
  • MIDI file export

Supported Controllers

  • Novation Launchpad
    MK1/S/Mini(Non-RGB), MK2(RGB) & Pro
  • PRACQ CTRL App for Android
  • Akai Professional APC mini
  • Behringer CMD TOUCH TC64
    (Launchpad S Emulation Mode)
  • Programmable MIDI Controller
    (e.g. iPad with TouchOSC App)

Free Downloads

Software :

Ver0.50 (27 May 2018)

  Windows       Mac (with Wineskin)      

For Mac Users (Updated 03 Jan 2019)

If you have a problem with launching PRACQ that is downloaded before 03 Jan 2019, download the current file and try again. Following measures about Wineskin has been taken.

PRACQ CTRL App for Android : Get it on Google Play

Getting Started Manual Rev9 :
English   Japanese

Reference Manual Rev14 :
English   Japanese

TouchOSC Layout File for PRACQ : Download